Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas already?

I can't believe that Christmas is here already, it is almost 2011, AND Elliot is 3 months old.  Why does time go by sooooo fast?

Our little Elliot weighs in at about 15 pounds, and wears 6 months clothes.  I don't have all of the official scores b/c her next appt is at 4 months.  But, Ray and I no doubt have another HUGE kid on our hands!  Campbell always wore about 6 mo-1 year ahead of her age, and that is too happening with Elliot.  I just bought Campbell size 6 clothes.  That is even more weird!  Shopping in the little girl section instead of the toddlers.  Way more trendy, that is for sure!!! 

We are staying at home this year for Christmas.  Since I am a rookie at work, I get to work Christmas Eve. :(  Oh well!!  I will pay my dues this year, so next year, I can be off and enjoy it even more with E being bigger!  Ray has been super dad with having the girls on the weekend while I am working, and I am keeping him busy with all kinds of events to go too!    Here are some pics over the last few weeks!  We have been having fun around here! 

 Date night at the Mavs game!  So fun to have the bench seats!
 Us three girls at the Christmas parade!  Where's E?  Inside my jacket!
 Blue steel
 (one of the best looks in the entire world!!)
 Campbell is a great photographer!  All pics are right at her level.  It was a good one of E getting her bath!
 One of the best presents!
 Fun times with the sis n law!
 Little fatty LOVES the bumbo :)
 All dressed up and no where to go!!  Why do they make hoods for babies?  So annoying- I feel like they are more of a choking hazard!
 Sisterly love!
 Camp eating her salad!  She loves it!
 My FAVORITE picture of my sweet, sweet girl!
 Auntie and E - sooooo sweet!
My sweet, smiley Elliot!

Happy New Year!!!!