Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Can you tell what my little darling was for Halloween? She was SO EXCITED to wear this wig, that she never wanted to take it off! Campbell was the most beautiful Aerial you have ever seen.

Modeling the day before she got to wear her costume to school! It looks perfect!
Parading at school. I love that she stood out so much! I mean, you can't miss the girl with the red wig, pulling her friends along with her. So funny!

So, we lost the wig for the arts and crafts. Painting pumpkins and her dress was awesome.
The face of pure innocence!
With Papa and her BF Brenan at dinner :)
Carving pumpkins with Papa

TT with the Haedge family in Granbury! I wasn't there, but I know they had so much fun! Candy galore!

I just can't get enough of the face with the wig!
The twins were showing Campbell the ropes!
Oh, and we lost the dress at this point. She kept getting into stickers, and they were all over the dress. But, the wig stayed on!

What has been going on....

I have once again gotten behind on the posts! Oh well! School is so busy and I only have 6 weeks left for the semester. YEAH!!!!! I have also been training to run the White Rock Half Marathon. Can you believe it? I have been running with my good friend from my playgroup and she is an awesome partner. We had the goal of a 10K (which we are going the Turkey Trot), but now we are aiming even higher! We have been running 4 days a week, 2 days of cross training, then 1 day of rest. We have 6 more weeks until the race, so wish us luck!

Campbell is having so much fun in gymnastics. I will post a pick in their leotards, b/c they are so stinkin' cute! Campbell moved up to the big girl class where she doesn't go with a parent. She is in the class with her best friend, Ketta, and that is trouble! I think that the coach yelled their names to pay attention about 6 times (that I heard). UH OH! I might have a small talker on my hands.
So, I was studying, and Daddy was on duty. Well, where was daddy? I walked into the kitchen and Campbell had her stool up to the sink with dishes soaking, and was washing everything by hand. So nice right? She was so proud of her self, even if WATER and SOAP was everywhere! Oh well!!
Her fake cheese pose
Campbell and Daddy on their way to school!
Posing for me with her flashlights. I mean, this girl LOVES to carry flashlights and shine them everywhere, especially in your face. Ray bought her a cheap one to play with, but she always wants that one and his nice one. So they make the picture a lot!

Happy 30th Chris!

We celebrated our good friend Chris' 30th birthday a few weeks ago! We went to the Flying Saucer and it was so much fun! It is pretty much all Red Raiders and Aggies, so everyone had the game on their phones (since it wasn't on TV) and kept all of us up to date! It was so fun to see everyone and then we had late night at the Easter's.

As I was uploading my pics, I don't have any of Chris' precious wife, Mydni. :( I'm so sorry!!! (The one that we took of the 3 girls, didn't turn out so great!)
The birthday boy with the A&M snuggie that we bought him. So funny!
The guys: Ray, Bear, Brim, Jason, Chris, and Todd
Janai, Chris (with the sweet Pimp cup), Me, Ray, and Jason
The Boring's
Me and my love!
The Rogers

Monday, November 2, 2009


So, I am now the proud owner of the 2 cutest shirts you have ever seen!! My good friend in my playgroup, has a best friend (got all that?) that makes these ADORABLE shirts (I will post her web info in a bit). I really wanted Campbell to have a Texas Tech shirt that was unique, and this was the perfect one! I asked her to make it however she wanted, and she came up with the most precious shirt ever! She even made a matching bow, that rocks as well! It is ALL hand stitched and she even put football jersey on it. The bottom of the shirt is lined with black mesh football jersey! Love it so much and thank you for making me the cutest shirts ever.......

The back of the shirt! So cute with red leggings!!

Ok, the 2nd cutest shirt! I am planning WAY ahead for Campbell's birthday party and she already has an outfit! I just got this shirt today and I LOVE it. Atlanta hand stitched this shirt as well and made the most precious swirl design on the bottom that goes onto the back. And of course the bow rocks as well!! Can you tell how excited I am?!?!
LOVE IT!!!- See the swirl?

Ok, so the awesome person behind these beauties info is:

I totally recommend getting one if you are interested in the cutest shirts/bows ever!!! Thank you so much for making Campbell so precious!