Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well I'm off........

I am about to leave for my Mental Health clinical to Wichita Falls! I am really trying to get excited, but I already miss Campbell and the week hasn't even started yet. I come back on Thursday afternoon so I am looking forward to that! I will be at the State Mental Hospital observing the patients and learning all about them. I really do hope that I have a good experience and can relax while I am there. I will post when I get back about my exciting week and hopefully nothing to "CRAZY" will happen to me.

Oh, and Ray is living the single life for the week, so don't feel real sorry for him! xoxo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A night at the Easter's!

Ray and I went to Plano last night to hang out with Chris and Myndi! We were so happy that they were free and we didn't have a baby! We went and had a fabulous dinner at Patrizio's and they had $1 Bellini's! YUMMY!! And of course, we stayed up too late talking and having fun. Thanks Chris and Myndi for having us, we had a great time!

Chris and Ray
Chris making sure that he got the pretty flowers in the pic
The Easter's

A day at the park!

Campbell and I met the Smith girls at the park the day before Campbell left for Midland and had so much fun! The girls played and ran until they couldn't run anymore! You can tell by their bright red faces. My nephew Colin came over for a bit and he loved showing the girls how to poke turtles with sticks in the pond. The pics of Campbell and Ketta were so cute and they just look so much a like. Who knew they would both show up with pigtails? The girls gave each other the biggest hug b/c they aren't going to see each other for at least 8 days. But, Campbell told Ketta that she needs to come over when she gets home from Grammies that she can come over and jump on the trampoline. Love it!!

Who can get down the fastest?
Colin - He was scaring me up there!
I love this pic!
Two tired girls that need to drink lots of water!
Holding hands walking around the pond :)
Trying to find all of the turtles
Just got finished throwing their sticks in with the turtles

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is to you Ray!

I have to put this post in honor of my fabulous husband! For those of you who don't know, Ray has a secret obsession with Rick Bayless. Yes the chef. Well, he came home with a cook book the other day and Ray immediately had to cook something. So, he made breakfast, but the best part was his dinner. The Robinson's came over and Leslie helped him cook! He made shredded beef, roasted serrano guac and salsa and hand made gorditas (yes he hand rolled the masa and grilled and fried the gorditas to the perfect puff). It all turned out so great and I think that he did a great job! He was pretty proud himself, so I had to take pics. It may look gross on film, but the pics really don't do it justice!! Thanks Rick for inspiring my hubby!

Ray puffing his gorditas!
Leslie helping out, or just looking over his shoulder :)
The feast! I mean, it was sooooo great!
And the gorditas!! So yummy!

DDDDDDora, Dora Dora Dora the Explorer!!

The day finally came!! We went to see Dora Live! I have been asked 5 times a day everyday, for the last 2 weeks, when are we going to see Dora Live? Tomorrow Mama? To say the least, Campbell LOVED it!! Beckham could totally take it or leave it, but I think it was actually pretty good! Campbell was totally into the show and sang all of the songs, and did all of the activities as well. When I asked her what her favorite part was, she told me "Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping!!!!" SO FUNNY!!! We met up with our friends Kate and McCall after the show too! It was a lot of fun, and I am so happy that we went. I mean, even Diego made a cameo!

Walking into the show!
During the 30 minute intermission. A little long, but snacks were great! I did buy Campbell some cotton candy, but believe it or not, we didn't even open it!! Great mom I am!
Campbell, Kate, McCall, Barrett, and Beckham. Can't you just see all of the excitement in everyones face? Love them!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend so far......

So far we have had a pretty uneventful weekend. I had school all day on Friday and when I got home, Ray had to go to work and Campbell and I went over to Leslie's for dinner. That was fab!! Nanny was over there, so we got to spend time with her and have dinner. Campbell started getting cranky around 7:15p, so we had to call it a night. I kissed Nanny good-bye, and Campbell came over and wiped the kiss off of her cheek and said, "I can't want you to kiss Nanny." OMG!! What am I going to do with this girl? She does NOT want to share me with anyone and I don't know how much longer I can handle it! I even gave Beckham a hug and she tried to wipe that off too. Well, I just need it to get better. I have put her to bed early tonight, because my patients with her are shot, so here is to a fresh day on Sunday!! It better be good, because we are going to see Dora Live!

Nanny and Barrett with his SWEET smile :)
All of us (minus Beck)! Campbell doing her lovely smile.....
Fake cheese!
Barrett and Les..... so precious!
Aunt Case and Barrett Rossy!! LOVE HIM!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little pool girl!

We had a great day at the pool yesterday! Campbell loves to jump off the side to me. She is getting a little brave and thinks that she can do it by herself, but we are working on that! She loves the water and is my little fish. She wants to go down the big waterslides on my lap all of the time, but wants nothing to do with the little slides for kids. She tells me that they are "dangerous". We eat lunch at the pool, then come home for a LONG nap. Fabulous!!!!

My sweet girl with her shades on!

"I'm a movie star mama!"

Happy Birthday Uncle Bubba!

We celebrated Brandon's birthday a few days late, but better late then never! Our evening was cut short b/c of the awesome behavior of our daughter. I did find out why she was acting up so much. Campbell told me that it made her very sad when I hold Baby Barrett. So, it is great that she tells me what makes her sad, but not so great when she screams a huge fit in the restaurant. Happy Birthday Uncle Bubba! We love you and hope you have a great year!

The birthday boy and Beckham!
Ray, Jonesy and Brob

He looks so awesome in his shades!
Campbell wants to give Barrett kisses all of the time. Ready or not!
Sweet Cailin, Marnie and McKenna
Leslie, Me, and sweet Barrett!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Baby Keelan......

We (Me and Kesha's sister in law, Robin) had a sip n see for Kesha so everyone could meet Keelan! We did a bottles, books and bows theme and turned out really fun! Kesha got a ton of fun stuff and Keelan will be reading all of her fun books before we know it! It was a fun day and was so exciting to love on Keelan!!
My bow holder that I made for Keelan's room. (She has all fun colors and a bird theme!) I think that it turned out cute!
The spread! Yummy food :)
Sweet name plate that we had on the table!

Yummy Sprinkle's cupcakes. I think that the strawberry was the best, but red velvet and key lime were hits too!
Sweet Keelan :)
Autumn, Kesha and me. Autumn went in Sunday morning to be induced!!! We can't wait to meet you baby Harper!!
Me, Kesha, Keelan, and Robin! Robin is due in Sept with a baby girl!
Kesha and her mimosa!
We came home to these 3 princesses. So cute!
One of the sweetest pictures EVER of two best friends!!! Slumber parties here we come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to reality.....

So, it's back to my real life and the summer vaca is over. Well sort of! I started school back today, but the great part is, I only go on Fridays!! So that means I can still hang out at the pool Mon-Thurs! Ray kept Campbell today and they had such a great time. She is really such a good girl for him, but as soon as I walk in the door, terror begins. What is that all about? Pictures have not been good for me lately, but I'll get back on the wagon. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We went to see Cinderella the play today and it was so much fun!!! Campbell stayed interested in it the whole time and kept asking me where Cinderella went. I think she was a little confused when she changed from being a slave in the house, to the beautiful princess! We met Cinderella after the play and she loved it! What a fun day!!

Campbell meeting Cinderella and giving her a hug!
This is pure excitement to see Cinderella right in front of them! Precious picture!!

Happy 4th of July!

This year for the 4th, we hung out at Leslie and Brandon's and had a great time! It was nice to just cook out and it actually wasn't too hot. Well, yes it was, but I guess it didn't feel like it in the shade and the cool giraffe pool! We had all of our friends and family with us and had a great time. We didn't see any official fireworks, but the neighborhood kids added their own which was great! Hope everyone had a great weekend and was safe!

Sweet Barrett and Campbell. Everytime we see Barrett, Campbell wants to hold him and says cheese, take my picture. So cute!!
THE FUNNIEST PICTURE IN AMERICA!!! I mean. Ray decided that they could go down the slide faster if we put baby wash on it. The kids were FLYING down the slide and if the giraffe wasn't there, they may have flown out! Just look at Beck's face :)
Campbell's turn! She went really fast and went under and she was done after that!
Jaxon and Campbell having a popsicle! Sweet!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Funniest thing ever.....

So I totally forgot to post this earlier!

When Campbell and I were taking Nanny home on Tuesday, we drove by the nursing home that my Grandpa was in before he passed away. I was telling my Nanny that was where Grandpa was and Campbell asked, "Where is Grandpa now?" I told her that he was in heaven. Nanny added in that he was in heaven with Gramma too. Campbell then added, "Oh, he's in heaven with Michael Jackson?"

I was laughing so hard and it was so funny that she said that! I mean, she picks up on EVERYTHING!!

Happy Birthday Dana!!

Happy Birthday to the best sister in law! We went out to eat on Tuesday night for Dana's birthday and had such a great time!! We sent Campbell to my Mom and Bob's for the evening and it was so great. Thanks for watching her for us and letting us have a night out. We went to Joe T's for dinner and it was great. I don't think that their food is that good, but LOVE the atmosphere! I could really sit on the patio all day and drink the margs. We had fun at dinner, then we went to The Flying Saucer (where Joleen works) and had a few drinks. It was great to hang out and be with everyone, especially on a Tuesday. Happy Birthday Dana and thanks for sharing your day with us. We love you!!

Me and my hubby!
Rhianon and Heath
Heath and the Birthday Girl!
The girls. There is some sort of fog on my lens, lovely!
Brother and Sisters!
The next family frame pic :)

Joleen met us too!

Look how much fun they are having.............