Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun days!

We tend to shove a lot in the days that I am off!  I mean, I feel like I plan like crazy things to do when I have time off, that I hardly get anything done at my own house!  Oh well!  I guess there is always plenty of time to clean, iron, clean, and clean.  BORING!! 

We had a great dinner night with The Easter's!  We haven't seen them in forever, so it was great to just hang out.  I totally could have stayed longer if I was having a glass of vino too, but maybe in the next few months! 

Myndi, Chris, Ray and Me!  Such a yummy dinner at PF Chang's :))


Kesha and I took the girls to see Pinkalicious this morning!  I didn't dare tell Campbell that we were going until last night, because I knew that I would NEVER hear the end of it until we got there.  We arrived to the play about 20 minutes early, and the girls were so excited!  They had popcorn, juice and waited patiently for the play to start.  It started about 15 minutes late, but when it did, WOW!!  Not a peep out of either one of them, and it had their attention the whole time.  LOVED IT!!!

The girls when we arrived at the show.  We didn't even plan their outfits!  Precious minds think alike!  So cute :)
Posing in front of the pink peonies.  With the pink crowns of course.....
Waiting oh so patiently for the show to begin! 

These were cute dancing pimk cupcakes!  Pinkalicious dreamed of having pink cupcakes, so they danced around to the music.


Campbell brought her Pinkakious book with her to get autographs!

Peter signing the book.
The girls on stage after the show! 

If you haven't been introduced to Pinkalious yet, it is so cute!  We love all of the books and read atleast 2 of them a night.  Campbell has them all memorized, so to see her face when I told her we were going, was priceless!  It is the small things that make you smile and how this totally made her day!!  It was perfect!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun day of art!!

We went with the Smith girls to the Van Grow Art Studio this morning for some open art!  It was so much fun and the girls had a blast!  I totally am going to go back and maybe even have Campbell's bday party there!  The owners were super sweet and loved making a mess!  It was a good thing that the creative Pre-K teacher was with me with arts and craft ideas, because I get a little lost in all of that! 

Campbell starting one of her many master pieces!

"Mommy, can you please take a picture of my picture?  It is so pretty."  Yes, it is beautiful!  I should have gotten a pic of the final project, it is full of glitter, pom poms and more colors!  I'm sure if will be hanging on the wall as soon as it is done drying!

The girls are using the hair dryer to make sure all of their art is dry.  I think this was more fun then the actually painting!

Oh that smile gets me every time!  My artist at work!

How appropriate!  This is the room we were in, and it was perfect!  I think I'm going to print this picture and put in a frame, I love it. :))

The two silliest girls you will ever see!  We made the headbands for the girls, with what turned out to be GIANT flowers, but they loved them!  Their hugs are so sweet and they are best friends!!

Days of fun!

We have had a busy couple of days and weekend.  I worked on Saturday, so so we have had to catch up on the fun!

The sweet girl before tap class begins.  She told me. "no more pictures mama", but so sorry, I had to steal one!  Just so darn cute!  I need to get in there and get video when she is doing tap and ballet, but there is just one little window, and parents are not allowed in.  I totally understand, but I need to watch it!
We met Dana and fam for dinner in FW.  This is sadly the only picture that I got, good thing it is a great one!  These boys are so stinkin' cute!!!  Campbell didn't want any part of this action, even though she is standing just to the left.  B & B are getting really good at posing and saying cheese!
We had a fun day at the spray park with our friends!  The pool is closed on Mondays, so this was the next coolest thing!  Campbell and her friends were doing water angels! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

My newest craze and hobby!

Like I don't have anything else to do!  But sometimes, arts and crafts puts me in a better mood!  Here are a couple of frames that I have made lately.  I need to take a picture of the other 2 that I made, and will post those as soon as I remember!  I think I am going to have them for every holiday!  I sure do like them out!

My Memorial Day/4th of July frame that I made.

Pink girly frame that I did.  I added letters to the bottom with rhinestones for a friend that just had her little girl!  

I'm not a pro (yet), but sure is fun to do and is a lot cheaper then the $60 ones that I have seen at the store.  Geez!

The past few months!

I will start at the end of May!  

Memorial Day Weekend at the lake with The Haedge's.  I love this picture because it shows how much Brice and Brenan adore Campbell!  She calls them both Brice and Brenan b/c she has a hard time telling them apart- especially since Uncle Ray shaved mohawks on them!

Pure excitement face to be in the heat!

On the water.  Campbell DID NOT want to get in the water at all and preferred to stay in the boat!


Crazy hair day was so much fun!  I was going to make a hat at first, but she has too many other bows and fun stuff to do!  Plus, her hair is getting long, so it was easy to do a bunch of fun ponies!  

Helping mommy make Saturday morning cupcakes!  She wanted blueberries in hers!  Such a big helper!

At concert in the Gardens in FW!  It was so  much fun and such a great evening.  I wish I had taken more pictures this night because it was so much fun and we had a lot of yummy food!  We listened to The Eagles and it was great!

Yummy cotton candy!

Painting outside is sooo much fun!  Even if it is 100 degrees.

Swimming at the pool!  Last year Campbell wouldn't go near this slide, now I can't keep her off of it!  It is actually nice for me b/c I just get to sit on the sidelines and watch!  She loves it!

Yummy ice cream that turned her whole face blue and purple!

Best 4 year old birthday party so far!  Me with the birthday girl at The FW Zoo!

The alligator that came in our room!

Waiting for the owl, penguin, and the possum!

Probably the cutest pink tiger you will ever see!!!!!!!  

The cutest giraffe and tiger ever!!

I couldn't resist!!  There was so much face painting going on, that I had to get my belly painted!  I wanted a big monkey face at first, but the one he did wasn't so cute- so pink flamingo it was!!!

We started dance in July!  I can't get enough of my little darling in this precious outfit!  I just want to squeeze her like crazy!  She does tap and ballet, and so far she loves it!  This is a summer camp class, but we are going to sign her up for fall classes.  Sure is a commitment- the recital is in June :)

So excited to put on her tap shoes!!!

I'm BACK round 2......