Monday, June 29, 2009

Ketta's Big Day!

Our best friend Ketta turned 3 on Sunday!!!! We drove in town that morning, just in time to make it to her fun fun birthday party!! I really can't believe that Ketta is 3 already and it just seems like yesterday she was born. Really.

We had a great time at Shogun Hibachi, with the Smith's and their whole family. The girls sat next to each other and ate the same things. Rice with soy sauce, soup, and Campbell had chicken. It is easier to get them to eat when they are eating the same thing! We sang Happy Birthday to Ketta and then the girls ate fried ice cream and boy was it yummy! Kesha and Dustin brought cupcakes too. After the yummy dinner, we went to Main Event to go bowling. It was so much fun and a great idea. Campbell loved it until she went passed the line, her feet slipped out from under her, and she hit her head. Small catastrophe, but we made it through!

Kesha, Keelan(covered up by Dustin's menu), Dustin and Ketta!
Ketta and Linda blowing out the candles! Campbell wanted to get in there sooo bad, but didn't want to stand by Chris. Silly girl!
After the big song! Campbell is really excited, can't you tell??
Best friends!!!! I love this picture!
Campbell and Mommy being silly with our bowling shoes on!
Daddy and Campbell picking the perfect ball!
Strike dance!
Campbell throwing her ball down the lane, she did sooo good!
Ketta rolling her ball down the lane! She did awesome!
Daddy and Campbell practicing the moves.
Waiting patiently for their balls to come back. They kept wanting to put their hands down there and grab the balls. Silly girls!

Thanks for having us to your party Ketta and we are so happy you had a great birthday!!

M-town for the weekend!

Well that is what Ray calls it, but it's really just Midland to me!! We went for the weekend and had a great time!! We got there early Thursday afternoon and just hung out! It was SOOOO nice to be able to sit around and not really have to do anything. We get really spoiled when we are there b/c Grammie (Ray's mom) cooks for us and she plays with Campbell!!

On Friday night we went to this really funny play called Summer Mummers. It is in this old theatre in downtown Midland. It was an interactive melodrama. Basically, you just drink beer or margarita's and throw popcorn the whole time!! We had popcorn up to our knees and when we got home it was in our clothes, and I had popcorn salt on my scalp. Lovely!! We had the best time, and if you are ever in West Texas in the summer, stop by. I'm just sad that it has taken me 9 years to get there!! We did have our first babysitter that night (that we had to pay for). She really had a cake job and didn't have to do much playing. I will say it was nice to go eat and have a great time, but I love free babysitters better! Thanks goodness for family!

We left on Sunday morning to drive back home. It is so not like me, but I didn't take any pictures while I was there. Can you believe it? Well, just a couple on Sunday morning. Thanks Grammie and Papa for such a fun and relaxing weekend!

Ray, Abel, Nita and Campbell
My sweet family!
Ray and his mom :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I'm just being a princess......"

That is Campbell's new quote when she is playing dress-up. A princess of a mermaid, but right now it is mainly a princess. It is so funny to watch her dress up and what she will do after she is dressed. Today she told me that she was going to Wal-Mart to get eggs. I told her that we went yesterday and got the eggs, and she said, "then we really need to go and get french fries!" It was soooooo funny, and she just makes me laugh. Here are a couple of cute pics from this morning!

Stepping on to her stool in the bathroom so that she can look in the mirror and she her tiara.

Let's Jump.......

Ray and I watched Beck and Barrett last night, so we decided to take the kids to Let's Jump! Perfect indoor activity that will totally wear them out. Beckham yes, Campbell not so much. She was so busy running around screaming and crying her head off, I don't think she jumped longer then 10 minutes. We basically had to carry her up the steps to go down the slide, and she liked it when she was finally down. She is such a turkey! We are really working on her behavior problems. Stephanie, Jason and Jaxon met us there. Jaxon is a total pro at the obstacle courses and was ready for round 2 before Jason and Ray got back from the first time. Beckham was totally worn out after all of it, and time for bed!

Beckham having so much fun going down the big slide!

Stephanie and Campbell going down the slide!

All of the boys!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Nanny and Bob :)
Nana and Campbell :)

This nice man offered to take our picture. So fun!
Campbell was helping Gramps open his present (a #1 Grandpa coozie)! He loved it!
Campbell's Mickey pancakes. How fun!
Ray, Me, and Bob!!
Campbell just loves her daddy, can't you tell? She wanted out of his arms faster then he picked her up. Poor daddy :(

I (and Campbell) are the luckiest girls in the world! I have the best husband and he is the best daddy ever too! Thank you Ray for all that you do for Campbell and I!

Campbell and I had been practicing saying "Happy Father's Day", but when the time came, it didn't come out as planned. She ran in the bedroom to wake daddy up and said, "Happy Birthday Daddy!". It was really so funny and Ray just laughed. Campbell told Ray that we got his hat at Academy and that she picked it out. The card was also appropriate b/c she picked it out as well and it was of course Dora!

We had a wonderful breakfast with Bob, Mom, Nanny and us to celebrate the day! Bob just had surgery on his hand so it has been a lot of adjusting becoming a lefty!! After breakfast, Mom, Nanny, Campbell and I went to Dallas and had to get a few things. I finally got into the Apple store and got my new phone! Love it! Then we went back to Mom and Bob's and hung out the rest of the day! So relaxing and Campbell was totally occupied!!

We didn't get to spend the day with Dad and Abel, but we love you too and wish that we could see you more! Love you all so much and miss you!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Autumn's Baby shower!

Kesha, Brandi (Autumn's friend in NP school), and I hosted a shower for Autumn today at my house. It turned out way cuter then the pictures show. There is something about the lighting in my kitchen. She got a ton of cute clothes and it was really nice! Her colors are hot pink, black and cream so that was our theme! What a fun day and we can't wait to meet baby Harper!

The hostesses with the mostest: Brandi, Autumn, Kesha and me. Crummy lighting!
Autumn's mom, her and mom in law. Our cute little tie dye onesies were hanging, but those of course faded too. They were fun hot pink and black, but we washed them and the brightness was gone too! Oh well, still cute!
Her cake. Harper Marie Morris!
Our spread. I also made yummy cupcakes, but they didn't make the pic!
Harper's bow holder that I made her. Turned out cute! I will post more that I have made later. If you want one, let me know!! They hang on the wall, and I will make any color!

Friday morning!

These were just 2 funny pics that I took on Friday morning! So funny!!!

Brenan is just really a fancy cowboy! He loved all of the purses!
Campbell with her purses too. Brice didn't want any part of the dress up!

Kid central at the Lobato's!

Ice cream man came driving by, so we had to have it! Campbell had to have Dora, it was so cute. Except for when the chocolate ice cream dripped on her suit and it is now stained RED!
The twins had spider man ice cream. Trying to get them to stay on the grass was not easy!
Hayden and his snowcone!
It was melting so fast, they couldn't eat it fast enought!
Loving the pool!
They were all 3 kicking their feet to swim.
Brenan running as fast as he can!

Dana and all of the boys came over on Thursday afternoon. Kambree is in Midland, and Uncle Heath is gone on business (which makes Campbell so happy, she is kind of scared of him for some reason?), so Ray and I asked them to come over and spend the night. We had so much fun and they are all constant entertainment. Hayden LOVES video games, but he did go to Jiu Jitsu with Ray so that was really fun. The twins love to play with Campbell and vice versa, so there is always something going on. There was never a quite or dull moment, so I got a lot of picture opps!

Fun Thursday morning with Nanny!

I am a bit behind, so trying to catch up! We had such a fun morning with Nanny. Every time that we go see her, Campbell finds something new. Her room is NOT big, so I thought by now she has seen everything, but that is not true. Today we found a new jewelry box of necklaces, bracelets, and clip on earrings! So much fun. We love seeing Nanny and I know it brightens her day when she gets to see Campbell!

Campbell putting on all of the necklaces that she found!

Running in and out of Nanny's room. She would run out and yell "ROAR" to the other people that live there. She is real into being a scary lion lately. Pretty scary!

Brushing Nanny's hair. Good thing she didn't just get it done. Campbell kept telling Nanny that she needed some hairspray. So funny!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We came over to tie dye......

Campbell and I went to play with Kesha, Ketta, and Keelan today.  The main goal was to tie dye some onesies for a shower we are hosting and to let the girls make shirts of their own.  I of course didn't get any pics of the tie dye action, but pics of how we found the girls.  Kesha and I were so frustrated with the screaming and the small mess that we were making, that we just let them sit on the table, half naked.  All in all, we finished the tie dye and they turned out super cute!  Pics of those to come!

Sitting on the table reading books!
Silly, silly girlies!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dustin's Big Day!

Yesterday was our best friend, Dustin's 29th Birthday!  We celebrated him by going to Babe's.  YUMMY!!  What a better place to take all of the kids, and eat yummy food.  We had a great time and getting to hang out with all of our friends.  Happy Birthday Dustin, we love you!!

Clay, Robin, Sweet baby Keelan, Kesha, Ray, and Dustin
Best friends Ketta and Campbell :)
Ray, Jeremy and The Birthday Boy
Me talking of course and the girls looking away!
All of the girls!!!
Kesha and sweet Keelan.  She did so great and wide awake!  Kesha had to take her clothes off because she was hot.