Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super fun UFC night!

So, for those of you know that know Ray, you know he is OBSESSED with UFC. I put that in caps for a reason! He is so into his Jiu Jitsu, so this is really his 2nd favorite! When he found out that UFC was coming to Dallas, who was the first person to get tickets? We ended up getting the suite at the AAC and it was so much fun! I don't love UFC, but I had a great time. It did help that the Tech/UT game on was on in the club for me to watch. It was a blackout, so we couldn't have the TV on in the suite. Also, I of course was on the celeb look out. Tito and Jenna Jameson were there. I really wanted to meet Joe Rogan, but you know, he had to announce and stuff! Maybe next time. Oh well! So much fun!

Here we are with our fighter pose!
Jacob and Tamara with their fighter pose! Look at Tamara's guns!!

Travis Lutter (local UFC celeb) and me! I guess I should post our fighter pose too!
The main event. Can't see it, but oh well!
And it was over in 2 seconds. 13 fights led up to a 2 second knockout. Fun night!!

Our little Red Raider Cheerleader!

Aunt Annie got Campbell this uniform for her birthday last year and it finally fits!! She had to wear it on the first game day (but really she would only wear it long enough for me to get some pics)! I am so proud of my Red Raider!

Guns Up!!
That sweet, lovey face!!
Trying to get her to cooperate wasn't that easy. She just wanted to walk on the bricks as her balance beam. Thank you gymnastics!

Oh where to begin??

I have totally been out of the loop for so long, and have so much catching up to do. So, I decided that I would just skip all of it and start now!! I actually have a free moment while Ray is working, Campbell is sleeping, and I need a break from reading EKG strips!

Campbell has been really funny lately and her personality is really coming out! I think that being at school and the interaction with other kids is really paying off. The other day, Campbell fell on the playground and skinned her knee up pretty bad. It wasn't bloody, but bad enough to be liquidy (there is a medical term, but I think you get it). Anyways, the "boo-boo" has just about sent her over the edge. I think this is where the dramatic daddy in her is coming out!!! She hasn't been able to walk with out holding my hand (except of course when it is time for gymnastics, or going to the park, or playing outside), she can't get up on the couch with out help ( b/c she can't bend her knee), and she can't stand a bath b/c the water hurts it. PLEASE!!!! I mean really??

So, the other day she told me that she was "totally falling apart"! I am NOT even kidding! She took a bath and told me that since she was falling apart, she wasn't able to talk anymore. So, a few more minutes went on, and she told me, "as soon as I get back together, I can talk again. Don't worry mommy." That is a direct quote!! Where does a 2 1/2 year old get all of this? She is so smart! Long story short, she was put back together in no time, and back to her regular self. She still is milking the whole knee injury with our second box of Dora band-aids, but of well, she is so cute!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Twins turn 5!

I mean, who can even believe that Brice and Brenan are 5??? Where has that time gone? We went to Granbury for the weekend to celebrate their birthday and to hang out. It was perfect weather to go out on the boat, and we had such a great time!

Happy Birthday Brice and Brenan! We love you!

Aunt Annie with the kids before we left!
Campbell and Daddy swimming in the lake. Campbell was jumping off of the boat to him. I'm sooo proud of her!
Everyone cooling off
Everyone look at the camera. Not really!
Campbell and Brenan- SO STINKING SWEET!!!!!!!!!
Brenan wanted to help Campbell drive. He loves her!

All of the kids looking at the bug that was on the floor. So interesting!
Campbell learning to ride a bike. I know, probably a little delayed, but she caught on in 2 minutes!
The twins and Papa opening their new tricycle. So fun!
Brenan and Campbell swinging!
Brenan got into Grammie's make up.
Bestfriends! Where is Brice?
Kambree having so much fun. Can't you tell?!?!

About to open presents. This is when my camera died. Dana has more!!

Ray Ray's 30th!

Well, the day finally came that my hubby FINALLY turned 30!! I didn't think we still knew a lot of people in their 20s, but we do! I had a 30th party for Ray at our house and it turned out sooooo fun! Everyone came that we thought would, and after my initial stress, the party was fantastic. With 40ish people at your house, I was so happy that it didn't rain, and everyone could be outside. I of course had too much food, but better more then not enough! There is picture overload, but oh well! I think that I didn't even start taking pictures until late night, so it is better that those NOT get posted! Oh and I am so sorry for those of you that were here, but I didn't get a picture of. It's so hard to be the hostess and the picture taker! :))

Thank you so much for everyone that came to celebrate Ray and making his day so special! What a fun day!!!

My table of food and BBQ! Yummy!
The cake!
Me and the birthday boy! I don't if you can see, but I had cups made, so cute!
Ray's mom and dad! Thanks so much for ALL of your help!
The Roger's :) Thanks for coming from Midland!
The Easter's! This is pre-vodka lemonade :)
Bob and Ray
Dana and Heath
Me, Mom, and Leslie
Everyone eating outside!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Jon, Nick and Ray- Late night!
Late, late night!

Campbell Updates!

I know, I have been AWFUL at updating! School is in full swing and my free time is gone. Campbell started gymnastics and she LOVES it. Her favorite part is the trampoline (go figure)! Ray takes her every week, and I think that she does so much better with him then she does with me. Plus, he is WAY more fun then me! She comes home and practices her front roll, hand stands, and walking on the balance beam.

Campbell and Daddy - so sweet!

Taking in all of the action. I mean, I love those legs! Sassy pants!
Balancing so well on one leg!