Monday, October 18, 2010

Elliot is 1 month old!

So this was officially the FASTEST month of my life!  I really can't believe that my little Miss is already one month old!  Oh!  She is so great and eating and sleeping so well, I couldn't ask for anything more!  I'm also going to really try and do the every month picture.  I was really great at first with Campbell, but then it ALL went downhill.  I didn't even work with Camp, so I'm not sure what I was doing!  When Camp turned 1, I was struggling to find pictures to put in her year frame b/c I didn't have them organized.  I'm on top of it now, we will see!

This last week, we have been hanging out a lot at home!  I love it!  I started walking again ( I don't get released to workout more and run for another 2 weeks) and it has been great!  I walked 5 miles the other day, and it didn't even seem like it! 

I have told myself to really enjoy my last 4 weeks at home with E until I go back to work.  We are doing great with our schedule, so Ray can be stress free when I go back too!  I know I will only be gone 3 nights a week, but just thinking about it makes me sad!  Here are some pics that make me happy!!!
 Campbell woke up from her nap and this is where I found her!  She wants to cuddle up next to E all of the time and kiss her.  So sweet :)
 Did I already mention that she is a total Lobato?  Campbell that is?  Her eyes will NOT stay open with the flash.  I think we took 10 pictures!
 Oh my sweet face!
 Waiting for the Butterfly Parade to start!
 Flower Girl!
 So great at posing, not so great at minding!  :))
 She missed the entire parade
 Campbell had no interest in posing with Jaxon.  This is the only time we could get him to sit with her for a pic!
 And the butterfly shot...
 E and I at the Chili cookoff!  What a great day for some chili and relaxing in the shade.  They only announced the winners 1st-10th, so we are pretty sure that Ray placed 11th. 
 Campbell doing a great job holding Elle.  She is starting to get a little too brave, and just picking her up when she wants.  Over and over I tell her, you MUST hold her head.  Campbell tells me, her neck is fine mom, don't worry.  Oh geez!
Oh my SWEET girl this morning before picture day.  This is the smile she told me she would make for the camera!  She also told me that she would have her eyes wide open too!  Love her!!!!!!!!!

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