Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally some pics!

How come no one told me it was going to be this busy with two?  I mean!  I would rather be sleeping every time I have a free moment, but that doesn't happen either.  I have been soooo lucky with Miss E, because she has been eating and sleeping like a champ.  I can't complain with ony waking up for one feeding in the middle of the night.  I know, I'm only taking it day by day for now!

The last 3 weeks have gone by super fast and we have done a lot!  I have recoverd very well with my surgery and am so happy about that!  We went to Midland on week 2 for Rhianon and Kyle's wedding!  It was so pretty and perfect and I'm thankful we all were good to travel!  Campbell made a very beautfiul flower girl and danced the night away.    We made a trip to the pumpkin patch to get more "first' pictures, and we have already made many trips to the park.  The fall weather is so great and keeping us outside, I love it! 

I'll do my best to continue with the updates! 

 Us before I went in for surgery!
 As happy as ever :)
8 lbs 5oz
19 inches
7:42 am
 I totally don't remember this pic at all.  The epidural made me super sick and my blood pressure dropped like crazy.  Our first picture, but I really wanted to throw up!
 In recovery with our sweet girl!
 Daddy and his new daughter
 Campbell walking in to meet E for the first time! 
 Campbell is the proudest big sister ever!  She kept saying how pretty she is :))
 Holding Elliot for the first time.  The smile on her face shows it all!
 Our first family of 4 photo.  Sweet love!
She should be on a bottle of syrup! 
 Me and my sweet girl!  Love her so much!
 We are finally leaving the hospital! 

 In Midland for the weekend!  Campbell had so much fun with the twins!
 Rehearsal dinner family photo!
 Campbell getting her hair ready for the big day
 My ADORABLE flower girl!  She was sooooo proud to wear her dress!
 So proud that she would NOT look at me straight on to get the full effect of the dress- oh well! Side views work too!
 Miss E was all dressed for the occasion too!
 Chasing bubbles at the park with my friends
 Feeding the ducks
 Happy 3 weeks to me!
 Dressing up is so much fun!
 I offered to ride the train with her, but Ray was going to get in there no matter what!  Such a sweet daddy :)
 Yes, she was really hot, but had to do it for the pictures!
 Sisterly love

 Taking a hayride!

 Our fall family photo!
 Love it!
 Does it get any sweeter???  Love her so much!

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